The Iron House Council

"I Want to Live"


The Iron House Council is a group of dedicated individuals who walk the Red Road. We are Pipe Carriers, Sun Dancers, Singers and educators who live this Red Road Way of Life (Canku Luta Ogna). We go into correctional facilities and offer opportunities for individuals or groups to make positive changes in their lives. We empower them with the tools necessary to commit to and continue walking the Red Road. We work with and train other organizations across the country who share our same foundation.

Today’s Popular Culture is based on a selfish ideology that teaches society to ignore and forget those individuals who have made choices Society disagrees with. The Forgotten Nation, or Akiktonja Oyate, may be our Elders and Veterans, may be incarcerated, homeless, or simply struggling to live. Instead of offering a hand up, the Popular Culture ignores the pleas of the Forgotten and gives them a hand out. Only serving to make themselves feel better but never really helping anyone.

The opportunity and environment created by this Popular Culture enables many of the choices made by these men and women. But when they cry out for help, the Popular Culture judges them guilty and unimportant, refuses them aid, and sends them back to society to repeat the same mistakes over and over again. These broken people then perpetuate this ideology by considering it “normal” and passing it forward to the next generation. Why does Society need to justify its opinions by refusing to help those who are desperate to make changes in their lives and the world around them? 

If our people are to live, this MUST stop.

We refuse to bow down to these destructive forces, to a culture that keeps our people in the dark and on the edges of society. We say enough is enough and we stand up for what is right. We recognize that each person makes their own choices, but rather than continue an environment that does not work, we create an environment where individuals can make new choices to affect the world around them.

We do not forget! We reach out to all of our people, wherever they are and whenever they need us. As a community we must break this repetitive chain that dooms our future generations. We must break the cycles of abuse and shame and fear that hold our people back. We must create a greater sense of community with all those who walk the Red Road and move forward no matter what obstacles we may face.

Many people claim to walk the Red Road, to stand for the people, but then refuse to do what is necessary. We go into correctional facilities and bring the Pipe, the ceremonies, and the ideology to the people. We don’t walk this Road just on weekends, nor will we walk this Road for the next 5 years, the next 10 years, or even the next 20 years. We will keep walking this Canku Luta until we pass from this world and when we pass, we leave this vision with the next generation, as our elders passed it to us.

For those interested in being a part of this vision, to see this Canku Luta Ogna spread around this world, please contact us. We actively work with those individuals who are committed to the Red Road and to giving a hand up to the Forgotten Nation. We have opportunities for training and support for individuals and groups that would like to be a part of this type of work whether you are local to us or are interested in bringing this advocacy and outreach to your local community. 


We look forward to hearing from you and sharing in this vision.

Phone: (605) 299-2558


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